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ReTreat Yo'self to this 3 Day Tantric Healing Retreat with Courtney Garner, Mindful Living Expert, Tibetan 5 Element Healer, and Authentic Tantra™ Practitioner.

WELCOME to a safe space for learning, healing, and experiencing genuine connection with people like yourself you care about their spiritual health and want the knowledge and skills to cultivate a better world around them.

EXPECT to learn the tools for maintaining your health, happiness, and fulfillment through Eastern healing practices grounded in Tantra, Taoism, and Tibetan Buddhism. 

EXPERIENCE a supportive & mature space for learning and healing where we can de-stigmatize sexuality and integrate it into spirituality for better health including mental, emotional, and sexual. The first thing we'll do is a communication exercise that will improve your self expression and open up the heart chakra.


Day 1

Ice Breaker: Opening Cirlce, Cultivating a Safe Learning Space, Consent & Boundaries

Learn & Practice: Tools for Compassionate & Open Communication

Move: Yoga & Meditation for Activating Fire Energy

Chill: Dinner Party followed Pool & Jacuzzi under the stars

Day 2

Move: Tantric Movement & Fire Meditation 

Learn & Practice: Yoni & Lingham Massage + Retention Techniques

LIVE DEMO of each healing session + Experiential Techniques

Open Lab-Ask your Teacher and deepen your understanding of Sexual Somatic Healing

Chill: BBQ Pool Party music + Ganja Tantra

Day 3

Move: Tibetan Breath Yoga (Mornings on Lakefront Lawn)

Learn & Practice: Healing Session Demo + Instruction

Open Lab: Practice with support

Closing Circle: Cacao Ceremony + Burn Ceremony + Share

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn in person and see for yourself how Tantric healing really works. The Bonus of this event is leaving with new friends who share a genuine connection and common goal of Leading with Love. 

See you here June 8-10 for a weekend that will empower you to love yourself and your Life





All meals and drinks are included.

ReTreats offer a unique chance to disconnect from the BS and reconnect with Yo'self. From there, you can relax into this awesome experience of being in balance and enjoying the hell out of your life.

Creating spaces for the ultimate connection is what we thrive on and encourage you to join the movement.